What Is Not a Primary Method of Contracting

c) The replacement of an incumbent contractor is usually largely based on the expectation of a significant improvement in results or costs. Therefore, when verifying the performance of the contractor, contract agents should take into account: (a) Subject to the limitations of points (b) and (c) of this Section, the contract agent may include options in contracts for sealed tenders and contracts by negotiation where it is in the interest of the Government to do so. When using sealed offers, the principal must determine in writing that there is a reasonable likelihood that the options will be exercised before including provision 52.217-5, Evaluation of Options, in the call. (See 17.207 (f) on the exercise of options.) (b) economic price adjustment clauses. The economic price adjustment clauses may be adapted to the need for multiannual contracts. If the period of production is likely to justify a contingency of labour and material costs in the contract price, the procuring entity should normally apply an economic price adjustment clause (see 16.203). When commissioning the services, the client (f) pre-tender or pre-bid conferences. To ensure that all interested sources of procurement know exactly how to enter into multi-year contracts, it may be advisable to use pre-tender conferences or pre-tender conferences. (b) the protection of existing powers. To the extent possible, multi-year contracts shall not be implemented in such a way as to exclude or limit the existing capacity of the department or agency to provide for the termination of a main contract whose performance is deficient in terms of cost, quality or schedule. (a) In the case of R&D acquisitions, the exact specifications required for the sealed tender are generally not available, so negotiations are required. However, the use of negotiations in R&D contracts does not alter the obligation to comply with Part 6.c) Since the lack of precise specifications and difficulties in accurately estimating costs (resulting in a lack of confidence in cost estimates) generally exclude the use of fixed-price contracts for R&D, the use of reimbursement contracts is generally appropriate (see subsection 16.3).

The nature of development work often requires a reimbursement agreement (see 16.306(d)). Where the use of cost and performance incentives is desirable and feasible, fixed-price incentive and cost-plus incentive commission contracts should be considered in this order of preference. If necessary, after the completion of the reviews, negotiations will take place between suppliers that are in the field of competition. The OFR is the primary facilitator during this process and ensures that all submissions are evaluated in accordance with the call instructions which include pre-established evaluation criteria. The administrative phase begins with the award of the contract. At this point, it is crucial that the work is carried out in accordance with the Proof of Performance (SOW) and checked for technical compliance by the customer representative (COR). The CoR does not have the power to make substantial changes to the contract. Only the customer ofr can approve changes to the contract, including extension periods.

Any correspondence or action related to the Agreement will be kept in the OFR`s contractual file, including final closing or termination documents. a) Leader Company Contracting may only be used if- Examples of other conditions for which negotiated contracts may be appropriate include, but are not limited to, the following: (a) Type of contract award. The nature of the requirement should apply to the choice of procurement method, as the multiannual procedure is compatible with sealed tenders, including two-stage sealed tenders, and negotiations. (b) the contracting authority shall review each management and operation contract in accordance with the Agency`s procedures at appropriate intervals and at least every 5 years; The review should determine whether a significant improvement in performance or costs can reasonably be achieved. Any renewal or renewal of an operating and management contract must be approved at a level within the Agency that is not lower than the level at which the original contract was approved pursuant to paragraph 17 602(a). This paragraph implements 41 U.S.C. 3903 and 10 U.S.C. 2306b and provides guidelines and procedures for the use of multi-year contracts. .